Between Ideas and Products Company History
We call the exact customer orientation of the range of services the "how-does-the-customer-use-that-question". At the same time, we are aware of two important facts in the definition of our company and performance targets:
Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH - Goals and Facts
Firstly, our customers are known as quality leaders in their product segment.
Between Ideas and Products
Secondly, our service is a partial service within a complex manufacturing and value-added process.
sand and chill casting
Both factors have allowed Wutal AluminiumGuss, in its self-image, to become a customer's "extended workbench". That calls for a degree of cooperation, which is more than just being close to the customer. It is in fact about identifying with its company targets, its market and customer success.
Aluminium casting by Wutal AluminiumGuss
Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH founded in Stühlingen. 1970 - 1971: Foundation of Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH in Stühlingen, start of production on a production area of 800 sqm.
Essential expansion of the production area 1978 - 1988: Expansion of production areas to 3,000 sqm.
Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH handed over to the two managerial partners, Jürgen Volkening and Bernd Hofmann 1999: Handover of Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH to the two managing partners Jürgen Volkening and Bernd Hofmann.
Construction or purchase and conversion of several production halls 2000 - 2004: Automation of production, expansion of capacity and production area to 7,500 sqm.
Ongoing investment in machinery, measuring and testing facilities. 2005 - 2007: New construction of a production hall and the administration building.
Start with low-pressure sand and low-pressure gravity die casting inclusive smeltery 2008: Start of production of the low-pressure sand and the low-pressure mould foundry, expansion of the smelter.
Expansion low-pressure gravity die casting 2009 - 2010: Expansion of the capacities of the low-pressure mould foundry.
Bernd Hofmann leads Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH as sole managing partner 2019: Bernd Hofmann leads Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH as sole managing partner.
Expansion low-pressure gravity die casting 2020 - 2022: Wutal AluminiumGuss GmbH wins orders in new segments and uses the proven competencies for customers outside the automotive sector.
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