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Extreme individualisation and difference between consumer and user wishes is the all-defined market reality of our customers.
Aluminium casting
For us, the logical results for this have already been seen for a long time: the trend for more flexible batch sizes with simultaneously increasing multitude of variety of the part geometry. To be efficient for our customers, four central standards are constantly further developed:
What It Depends On
 –  high flexibility in the construction and operation of all operating processes
 –  scaleable production capacities with shorter reaction time
 –  variable automation level in production
 –  expansion of production depth with simultaneously higher integration of external services.
Aluminium casting by Wutal AluminiumGuss
Part Geometry Part Geometry
Every available part in all relevant compositions
Melting Operation Melting Operation
Automated furnaces with up to 1.000 kg melting performance/h
Core Making Shop Core Making Shop
Automated core firing machine with integrated sand supply
Casting-Size Sand Casting hand-moulded Casting-Size Sand Casting hand-moulded
Up to 1.400 x 1.000 mm and 150 kg unit weight
Casting-Size Sand Casting machine-moulded Casting-Size Sand Casting machine-moulded
Up to 1.100 x 800 mm and 90 kg unit weight
Casting-Size Chill Casting Casting-Size Chill Casting
Up to 10 kg unit weight
Heat Treatment Heat Treatment
Automated overhead conveyor-refining system with up to
2.000 kg per charge
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