Sand and Chill Casting Different Aluminium Casting Processes
Our aluminium construction parts in the sand casting process – hand or machine moulded – or in the chill casting process are produced according to customer-specification.
Sand casting and chill casting
The production capacity ranges from batch size "1" in the hand mould up to medium production run in the machine casting or chill casting. The unit weights range from 0.5 up to 100 kg. All relevant compositions are processed.
Sand and Chill Casting
In both processes, we achieve the highest quality depending on the intended use of the casting. In addition, with large unit numbers, the application of the SPS controlled tilt casting machines guarantees a particularly high process assurance, which we will still increase through the full automation of the entire casting process.
Aluminium casting by Wutal AluminiumGuss
Sandguss Sand Casting
Sand casting is a part of the firing process with the so-called "lost moulds". The casting takes place in machine or hand-moulded shapes made out of pit-iron sand, the frame out of clay, which lend necessary strength. Cores are inserted for cavities. An advantage to this process is the relatively easy and cost-effective production of the casting model, which in addition can quickly be changed. Because of this, it is particularly well suited for prototype production, complex units and for smaller and medium production runs.
Kokillenguss Chill Casting
With chill casting, permanent moulds from heat resistant steel or from cast iron with flake graphite are used. These chill-moulds have a high durability. Cavities and undercuts are produced by metal cores (so-called gates). Core made out of sand ("mixed chill-moulds") and moulds with a bottom part made out of metallic material and a top made out of sand ("half chill-moulds") can be inserted. Chill casting is particularly suitable for medium to larger runs.
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