Everything Under Control Process Organisation
Aluminium, in its various compositions, is an ideal construction material for
a multitude of engineering objectives. Strength, weight, corrosion durability,
heat conductivity plus many more characteristics belong to the technically achievable property profile. In addition, aluminium products are almost 100% recyclable without loss of quality through remelting.
To actually be able to use this aluminium potential for our customers, the process Know-How has first priority. The Wutal investments in project and processing technology, quality assurance and employee qualifications are accordingly high and continuous.
Everything Under Control
Regarding employees: the service advantages, which we offer, are not just defined by facilities or machines. Expertise, competence and Know-How of
a committed team make a difference to the actual strengths of Wutal AluminiumGuss.
Aluminium casting by Wutal AluminiumGuss
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