Gradual Value-Added Partner Links
Modern production means shared goods and services - who knows this better than our customers. That is why Wutal AluminiumGuss has organised its comprehensive range of services in an efficient network. The Wutal aluminium castings are dependent on customer requirement:
Aluminium processing
– heat hardened
– fully processed
– varnished
– and assembled.
Gradual Value-Added
Strategically speaking, this means on the one hand the constant expansion of individual horizontal and vertical production depth. On the other hand, it stands for high process integration of external services, for example, modelling of 3D volume records, processing of castings at the CNC automatic lathe and processing centres or the different surface refinements such as powder coating, anodising, copper-plating and silver-plating.
Aluminium casting by Wutal AluminiumGuss
Cutting technique Cutting technique
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