Wutal AluminiumGuss aluminium casting Wutal AluminiumGuss aluminium casting
Wutal aluminium castings must not only comply with the customer-defined quality, they must also be integratable completely fault-free in their subsequent manufacturing process. Because at the joint between the customer and us, the coordination details decide on the efficiency of the total operation. Therefore, we consistently check and correct all sub-processes.
Wutal AluminiumGuss aluminium casting
The advantage of this open process organisation is the superior sensitivity
of the Wutal range of services. Quantitatively, it appears to our customers in
the frequency or the turnover quantity per production line. And qualitatively,
in the highest quality of surfaces and structure or in the variability and complexity of the part geometry achievable by us.
Aluminium casting by Wutal AluminiumGuss
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